Artist Statement

My work is an integration of three manifestations: imagination, expression and articulation. The visual language that results is in direct proportion to the measure of perception and discernible apprehension toward the work, allowing for freedom to take risks while wielding tools in order to celebrate a fluent outcome.  The developmental process of each painting is a matter of exploration and intuitive explosion over rigid artistic technicality and restraint.  With freedom of expression, I am able to embrace an inimitable style as well as give voice to radiant truths.  
Though my focus is not necessarily on the figure, the work of the San Francisco Bay Area Abstract Figurative Painters appeals to my artistic sensibilities, notably the work of Raimonds Staprans and his process of layering meaty portions of paint. Among other influences, I revel in Wayne Thiebaud’s use of heavy pigments and also embrace the ecclesiastical intimacy and brilliance of the work of Stephen De Staebler. His unpredictable structuring of the human form echoes the artistic freedom to create with boldness of spirit, allowing all natural imperfections into the piece.

It is, in fact, my intention to push the painting to that extreme in order to celebrate imperfections, thereby producing character and prominence. I work unconventionally, without the use of solvents, using liberal amounts of oil paint indulgent in oily mediums to produce rich robust portions of paint. Delicious colors are individually mixed, much like soupy ice cream, then scooped up and applied with a palette knife. In due time, the array of colors begin to look like I am preparing some exotic dessert!

Interesting changes occur in the work as a result of employing this process. The initial smooth skin-like surface of the canvas transforms into a highly textured wrinkled complexion.  I have often said that the painting continues to evolve, long after the dialogue has ended.