A Fresh Start

The de Kooning exhibition at MOMA was a divine treat to start off a new year!  So were the surprisingly free tickets handed to us by a generous couple out of the clear blue which enabled a speedy entry into the museum, as my husband and I scurried ahead by what seemed to be hundreds of hopeful sojourners waiting patiently on line to pay homage to the many outstanding works of art on exhibition including Van Gogh’s, “Starry Night.”  However, the Willem de Kooning Retrospective wowed everyone as viewers feasted their eyes while scanning ever so slowly across multiple gallery walls which were peppered with decades of incredible works of art.  In a delirium of joy, I discovered a De Kooning that I never knew.  The thick applications of paint and wrinkled textures on some breathtaking large scale canvases were an astonishing up-close discovery.  These very imperfections are celebrated in my work.  What a thrill!  Who knew?  I’ve never seen it before.  Thank you WdK and to that very nice anonymous couple who randomly zeroed in on me in a crowd too numerous to count, gracing (unmerited divine assistance) us with those free admission tickets along with warm wishes for a “happy new year.”

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