Celestial Celebration

“Celestial Celebration”  54″ x 78″  oil on canvas, was completed in December 2011.  (click on photo)  This was a commissioned piece for the custom-designed, cutting edge cosmetic/skin care company, Genealogy LLC- Brian Fox Krawczyk, creative visionary and founder.  View the December 2011 newsletter with a cropped image of the painting:



“Brian is recognized as an industry trendsetter, having created next-generation products, for many of the most celebrated  brands in beauty.”


Genealogy meticulously creates, develops and launches four beauty collections a year (including liquids, emulsions, powders, fragrance) and names 2012, “Year of the Woman.”  To commemorate their first collection, “Holidacious Happenings A Multi-Cultural Global Celebration of Beauty,” I was commissioned by Brian to create an original work of art based on his illustrious thematic for this particular collection, as well as employ the color palette.  A high calling!  So many buzz words ran through my mind from previous dialogue and product information such as “big, Flames of Illumination, …Brightest Star…, Celestial Trio, A Multi-Cultural Celebration, Year of the Woman; notwithstanding the flow of a beautiful ring and its attributes that served as Brian’s inspiration for this entire brilliant collection.  This is all part of Genealogy’s initiative called “Envision Art,” merging the creative processes of beauty and art. 

Aside from assimilating Brian’s entire vision, I wanted to acknowledge Genealogy’s European clientele with an homage to Matisse’s The Dance and Van Gogh’s Starry Night, which grounded the painting’s composition.  The rest was a matter of “exploration and intuitive explosion.” (see my artist statement http://www.deborahjencsik.com)  In the final analysis, Celestial Celebration speaks on multiple levels with an invitation to the viewer to pick up the dialogue where I left off.

While I was granted complete artistic freedom, working alongside Brian, Steven and the Genealogy family enabled me to realize greater potential in painting.  To this warm and dedicated team of highly professional creative people inspirited with Brian Fox Krawczyk’s inimitable vision, I thank you 🙂

Read the Press Release and more on Envision Art


For more information about Genealogywww.genealogybeauty.com

Genealogy’s January newsletter:


“Our new collection is vivid..shimmering turquoise, gold, lapis, and red. The colors work together or you can pick one and play it up…like Red Velvet Iced Ganache Lipstick or Winter Moon Chinese Porcelain Shadow.”


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