Expressions and Explorations

 Zoe Durante age 7


The Point Pleasant Beach Library will be featuring the art work of my student, Zoe Durante, for the month of July 2012 in her show entitled, Expressions and Explorations.

I’ve always been fascinated with, inspired by, and interested in the art work of children.  The aim in mentoring, teaching and exposing children to the process of making art is not for the purpose of producing pretty pictures, but rather to activate the senses, encourage a visual and verbal dialogue, develop relational and cognitive skills through decision-making, problem-solving and visual processing. The result is the beautiful picture of having tried and then continuing on the path of exploring new challenges.  I am very pleased with the progress Zoe and I have made together in all these areas.

While observing her process, Zoe focuses intently on the visual, simplifying forms expertly as children do, interpreting color and organizing space almost effortlessly.  In some cases, she looks squarely at her surroundings and interprets what she sees, editing and adding naturally as she goes along according to her skill level.  She conveys the emotional timbre of what has her attention in that moment, making decisions about her next application, whether it is in the area of painting, collage or sculpture.

This is Zoe’s second attempt at “plein air” painting.  Since her exhibition will be in the the historical Point Pleasant Beach Library, I thought it was fitting for her to take on this challenge.  This is her lovely little painting of a circa 1894 library building.

8×8 acrylic on canvas

 “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”  Ecc. 3:11

Zoe’s exhibition at the library:

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