Victory Parade


“God invented the giraffe, the elephant, the cat.  He has no real style.  He just goes on trying things.”   Pablo Picasso

Elephants!  They’re popping up everywhere including this lovely sculpture purchased from my next door neighbor’s yard sale.  Oh happy day!

At the end of the day, my neighbor spots another elephant in the mix and decides I should have that one too.

 My daughter “sees” and purchases an elephant necklace in J. Crew for Mother’s Day.  5/13/12

 I’ve gone into Pacific Frame Shop in Point Pleasant, NJ only to “see” at first glance… a large poster of an elephant.  Taylor, an employee, complimented my elephant necklace.  She then showed me her elephant ring!  A double sighting!

 While a few other sightings did not get recorded, another “ele”  shows up on a label of a peanut butter jar in my fridge recently.  It’s something I would have ordinarily overlooked, and actually did.  Then suddenly, I “see” it!  Another elephant 🙂


Google – what else?  Elephant

I googled “elephant” early on and immediately found The Elephant Sanctuary  in Hohenwald, Tennessee, the nation’s largest natural habitat refuge for endangered African and Asian elephants.  This finding has been quite the eye-opener!  Their website is full of  information and stories about elephant behavioral patterns as well as the abuses perpetrated on them.  The profile of all these elephants are bittersweet.  Along with countless others, it’s hard to avoid emotional responses to the many stories told, yet it is accompanied with profound gratitude for the work that’s being done there.  There’s so much we can learn from observing and understanding one of God’s most majestic, intelligent and deeply sensitive creatures.  It’s astonishing to “see” how their knees can bend!  Sounds silly, but it’s the first thing I noticed.  This was sent to me on 7/24/12 in the body of an email that confirms exactly the basis for their knee construction-

God’s wisdom is seen in the making of an elephant. The four legs of this great beast all bend forward in the same direction. No other quadruped is so made. God planned that this animal would have a huge body, too large to live on two legs. For this reason He gave it four fulcrums (a part of an animal that serves as a hinge or support) so that it can rise from the ground easily.

Please visit and support –


“The herd of elephants looks like a parade as it follows its leader (the oldest female) across the plains.”

Starbucks in Atlantic City – an African Elephant Mug – big and weighty – love the colors

purchased – mine!

…Barnes & Noble Bookstore sighting, 6/11/2012

Monmouth Mall,  Macy’s Men’s Clothing display – 6/13/12

I began wrapping a gift with this birthday wrapping paper – 6/17/12

Here’s another discovery in an art magazine article that I came across while sitting in the cafe at Barnes & Noble.  It happens to be about a photographer and his work capturing circus elephants.  How horrible to make elephants stand on their front feet to entertain humans 🙁  I can’t imagine what they must have to go through in order to learn such unnatural behaviors, all for our senseless viewing pleasure and financial gain.   6/18/12


This next “ele” find was spotted in a pile of stuff out on the side of the road for pick up…of course had to pick it up.  I actually think the tusks and toenails (most are missing) are made from actual elephant tusks…sure hope I presume incorrectly!  An African “Ele” beauty.  6/19/12

I signed on to Facebook and there it was…  thanks Dana,  6/23/12

…thought it was a good idea to purchase more flowers today at the local produce/garden center, which I have frequented so many times before yet never noticed this ride for kids – 6/24/12

…speaking of flowers and elephants –  (artist unknown)

…and a beautiful photo  (photographer unknown)  6/24/12

Heather Howell Art (below) – this very lovely painting came down my home thread on Facebook from an artist/friend.  Thank you Heather!  7/5/12

On 7/21/12, I’m told about “Lucy” at a surprise 50th party.   Thanks Gary and Jodi for this one.  Coincidentally, it happens to be “Lucy” that is in the photo at the Macy’s display rack.   (scroll back to 6/13)  I intend to visit-


Jaeger Lumber in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ…   7/25/12

The elevated interest in elephants has affected my friends.  During a library sale, my friend Dorcas Chin discovers this book.  She “sees.”   The book is now in my library.  7/28/12

I receive a surprise gift at church from my friend Jodi.  She went to Kentucky and spotted this tiny “ele” made from coal.    8/5/12


A little sweetness posted on my facebook wall  (  Thank you Donna!  8/6/12

Red Bank, NJ storefront  8/8/12

…and then at Trader Joe’s  8/8/12

I’m lovin’ this!!! and incredibly inspired!  8/11/12

After meeting with a friend Pam, she sees, sends a photo and writes, “:) Seashore Day Camp in Long Branch. It’s a slide.”   8/28/12

My nephew Mark posted these images together perhaps expressing his political views in light of the recent Republican convention.  9/2/12

Friend Donna passes these fabulous images on the side of the road.  A brilliant sighting!  Click on any image to enlarge and enjoy.  9/2/12

Shopped at Marshall’s toady and found this stationary-  9/4/12

Sighted during a trip to Crystal Clay Company in Cream Ridge- 9/19/12

…sent to me by Ann Marie, what a shot 🙂 – 9/21/12

9/22/12 – a friend’s post on facebook

After a great conversation about starting an Art Walk in Point Pleasant, photographer/friend Gerry Vitiello shares this page on facebook.  And what’s on the profile picture?  You bet……   9/25/12

I acquired these from Idionsyncrazie’s Gallery & Gift Shop, Point Pleasant Beach 9/30/12

…a facebook friend’s painting.  T-marie Nolan   10/7/12

Birthday gifts from my friend Mare- an “ele” ring and picture  10/25/12

(reads a gentle soul inherits the earth)

A tiny piece I created with clay  10/12

A Christmas gift/ elegant “ele” scarf from friend  Christina  12/25/12

…another from friend Ann Marie  12/25/12

MY VERY OWN CREATION – “Elephant Dreams” 60×50 oil on canvas

Public Collection,  Newtown, CT

Anthropologie, Shrewsbury, NJ    2/29/14

On “seeing” C.S. Lewis said…”I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

So much of the artistic and creative process is learning to see as well as perceive.  In sharing a vision, others begin to see too.  It’s a pleasurable and celebratory process!

“One eye sees, the other feels.”  Paul Klee

With an emphasis on what it means to “see” in terms of nature, art and love, please read this little blurb about impressionist painter, Claude Monet.

“Monet was one of the world’s greatest landscape painters and purist of the French impressionist movement. His contemporary, Paul Cezanne proclaimed, “Monet is only an eye, but my God, what an eye.” His artist roots began in 1858 when the 17 year-old Monet met Eugene Boudin, who oriented him toward landscape and open-air painting (en plein-air). Monet recalled “All of a sudden it was like a veil torn from my eyes and I understood at last. I realized what painting could be. My own destiny as a painter opened up before me. My eyes were opened and I gained a real understanding of nature, and a real love of her as well.”

Finally,  it’s a good opportunity to introduce my painting Victory Parade and the progression  because as you will “see,” the first of a string of elephants to appear over the past few months started with the one in this particular painting.  In retrospect, Victory Parade marks the beginning of the elephant trail.

After rolling  out a 60″ x 100″ canvas on the wall in my studio, the dialogue began with some Home Depot water-based paint.  The rest is a matter of exploration and intuitive explosion.  Please be inspired.   Victory Parade – 56 x 84 – oil on canvas:

-1- 60 x 100 canvas…underpainting using commercial latex from Home Depot

-2-massed in some color with oils and incorporated line…unsure where this is going

-3-inevitably! odd characters always emerge early on in my work…the dialogue turns humorous... I see an elephant  along with two other silly creatures. they appear to be marching in a procession

-4-and while I would love to stop at the previous stage, there is more that needs to be expressed

-5- next, major editing occurs to push the painting further after turning the piece upside down …blocking in shapes with a mixture of naples yellow light and white

-6- so they were marching in a Victory Parade … and I’m done!

-7-“All Things New”

Victory Parade debuts in March/April 2012, a Solo Exhibition at The Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, NJ …scroll down for more installations at this beautiful hotel

“But thanks be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession (victory parade) in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him”  2Cor.2:14


“God’s work in my life is sufficient to bring me to victory.”  Chuck Smith

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